May 14, 2010


Listening to a three hour lecture online is such a snoozer.  Especially since it's on my computer, I get easily distracted and start surfing the internet.  Online shopping, Yahoo! headline news, Facebook (as you can see in the tab below), you name it.  Oddly enough, the lecture started with sedatives and hypnotics (sleep-aid meds).  How appropriate.  Anyway, during my lecture, I decided to search all the California races going on between now and December to set up my calendar for the rest of the year.  I realized that some of the races I really wanted to do fall on the same day :( and I've tried to come up with ways to run both, but I don't think it's humanly possible, no matter how fast I run.

Dilemma #1 October 17th: Nike Women's Half Marathon & Long Beach Half Marathon

I'm already registered for the Nike Half so my decision is made for dilemma #1.  I was quite disappointed though because I was hoping to start/complete the California Dreamin' Racing Series in 2010, so now it looks like I'll have to put that on hold indefinitely.  Though, a Tiffany's necklace handed to me on a silver platter from a fireman in a tuxedo doesn't sound too shabby. 

Dilemma #2 November 14th: Big Sur Half Marathon & Skirt Chaser 5K-San Francisco
This one I feel torn!  I had so much fun last year running Big Sur (Monterey) with Lee and hoped to recreate the experience, but I was really looking forward to the Skirt Chaser 5K coming to San Fran!  I have never done a Skirt Chaser race before, but my friend was telling me about it and thought it was a funny concept.  The men "chase" the women who get a 3-minute head start.  The idea can seem kind of sexist but I think it sounds like good fun.  Plus, it gives me a reason to buy a running skirt since it comes with the race registration fee.  I'll have to sit on this one and think about it.

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  1. I just looked up info for big sur marathon 2011. was thinking of doing boston to big sur if i could make the travel from the east coast work. i'm jealous of all the beautiful runs the people of CA have!